a quick ride

Went for a quick 12 mile jaunt today. It was about 45 degrees out, sunny and very dry.
We layered up with all our cold weather gear and set out. It was unbelievable to be out again. We made good time and didn’t get too frosty. I’m really proud of myself. When we started training last year, I was in pretty poor shape. I also was not at all confident in my ability to put in the mileage, do hills, deal with traffic and get fit in general.

I remember our first ride. It was on the bike path and I think we went a total of 4 miles. I almost passed out from the effort! Everything I did that day was very tentative and somewhat uncoordinated. Now I’m saying we did a “quick” ride of 12 miles. If we could have rested in a warm place, I could easily have done 20 more! That’s huge. I guess I didn’t realize how far we’d come since May of last year until our “first ride” of 2006. We are gonna kick some ass this year!

Next on the “gear want list” is glove liners, new cycling gloves (my favorites got ruint in Maryland) and some wind proof socks! My toes were pretty chilled by the end of the ride. Everything else was warm!

Hope for clear sailing tomorrow too!

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