Situation normal, all sleeped up!
So here’s a little synopsis of our days and nights. Still currently unemployed, still loving sleeping in, walking around in sweat pants, sweaters and slippers. DD still working in the basement as a consultant, in jammy pants, sweater and slippers. Big dumb sweet fuzzy cat curled up within 5 foot radius of me. Still surfing away.

Search a little on the internet for jobs. (usually pretty lame ones) Network on cell phone with contacts, set up coffee or lunch appointments, then chat with some of my employed friends. Drink more coffee, maybe eat lunch, maybe just more coffee. Surf a little more… favorite. The walk downstairs, install myself on the couch and check out Stacy and Clinton, or my other favorite! I know, it’s a stressful life. Sometimes, I even leave the house!

Sometimes I will do a few projects. Clean, laundry, organize etc. (all on my New Years Resolution list) but usually, not so much. It usually comes in spurts, sometimes I will clean all day. Then the next day I will need my rest because I am so sore.

OK, I told you about the run down on my/our days. Evenings are usually a little different. They usually involve beer or vodka, music, hanging out……or movies, beer or vodka, popcorn. But, you will notice, none of these options include leaving the house. Yep, you got it, hardly ever leaving the house. Once every 2 or 3 weeks we will venture down the street to grab a bite to eat and some more beer/vodka. This fun is also punctuated by the gigs my husband plays. I am kind of a music snob so I only go to the gigs that I like. (You see, it’s all about me…the beer, the vodka and skinny moo) So, that’s it in a nutshell.

Oh no, where’d the kitty go? Better go find him

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2 Responses to SNASU

  1. drunkdude69 says:

    Hey, we leave the house for <>some<> things – like doctor-type appointments, trips to Simone’s, schwanky gigs in Chagrin Falls, and dinner at <>los Village<>. You make it sound like we’re freaks! Um, well, like we’re more freaky than we actually are. Uh, well… nevermind.

  2. John says:

    Mmmmm beer. I had beer during Crimmas break. All Crimmas break. Made The Mrs. kick me back to work.

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