long time gone

It’s been a while. Sorry for the delay.

It’s been a combination of lots of work, projects in the yard, selling advertising and doing mountains of laundry. (ok, just kidding on that last one)

No really, I did work in the yard as mentioned in the last post. Next weekend, I planted 75% of my flowers. Why only 75 percent?? My husband, DD, always wonders too. The leftovers are always sitting by the side door. After 4th of July, I usually throw them away. Another testament to my inability to finish everything I start.

Work is totally cool. Believe it or not, I’ve reached some sort of a threshold on the internet. It seems I can only be online about 8 – 10 hours per day. Most of this time is currently spent working for the Man. This threshold means that I’ve not been getting lost in someone’s blog or writing my own blog. Apologies to the two or three people who currently read my blog.

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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