Part Deux, the first show

I remember running into Uncle Crappy and giving him my shoes. They were not good dancing wear. I then disappeared into the crowd. I danced the entire show. I ran into a couple of other friends from my high school. We danced a little bit and hung out. I remember Danno walking up to the top of the rubber bowl to use the bathroom.

I remember meeting Petey’s friends who were going to continue following the Dead that summer. Petey’s friend, B-man and I danced for about two songs and decided we were Dead Head Soul Mates. Wow, were we messed up. We were such great soul mates that I never even saw him again. He wanted me to go to the Rainbow Fest with him for the weekend. That didn’t happen. In hindsite, thank God.

I was a little too polluted at the show to be able to give you too many details. But here’s what I remember. It was mystical. I saw the whole world before me. I was happy. Then, therefore, the whole world was happy. Little ghost like creatures kept coming out from the stage to say hi to me. Jerry was alive on stage but he was also a spirit flying around the stadium. All in all, a great show.

Well, the show fianlly wrapped up. We walked back to the car. I walked without my shoes because Uncle Crappy had them (I think he had them for like 5 months) I sat in the back seat and continued to hallucinate. I thought I was still at the show and the Dead were still singing “Sunshine Daydream” I couldn’t sleep at all because my mind was still racing. I know that I wanted to follow the Dead that summer. I’ve wanted to follow them ever since.

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2 Responses to Part Deux, the first show

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    More detail is in order here. Through a buddy at school whose mom worked for the University of Akron, I scored these freaking unbelieveable box seats in the Rubber Bowl, right on the rail above the field, with a perfect view of the stage. I hadn’t been there long when a pretty crispy HP bops by. We see each other and runs up and says “Hey. Watch these for me,” and thrusts a pair of shoes up over the rail. Flats, as I recall. Very 80s.So when the show ends, I hang out in my seat for about 20 minutes, waiting to see if HP is going to remember that she had nominated me the shoekeeper. Hah — no chance. That show was in early August, so she would have been starting school about a week later, and she apparently headed back to Oxford shoeless, because I kept those things until I saw her on the following winter break.I am happy to report that while HP did in fact take off her shoes at Friday’s Phil and Friends show in Columbus, she also remembered where she put them.

  2. Uncle Crappy says:

    One more thing about the Rubber Bowl. You mention that Jerry was alive on stage — but just barely, if you recall. He actually left the stage for a pre-Drums “Desolation Row,” and lapsed into his diabetic coma about a week later.I don’t think that had anything to do with HP’s shoes…

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