Living Las Vegas

We stayed at the Mirage and it was a surprise until we pulled up to the lobby. (There’s one driveway for Treasure Island and Mirage and I didn’t know exactly where we were!) The days were filled with sunshine by the pool, lots of Rum and Diet Cokes and lots of dips in the fabulous, cool water. The pool at the Mirage is fantastic. Lots of palm trees, lots of nooks and crannies and a huge rock outcropping with yet more palm trees and circled by a waterfall.

First nite: Dinner at California Pizza kitchen including 32 oz. Miller Lites. Then off to the room for some special cocktails and bed. But wait, it’s 10 pm Vegas time, we’re a little tipsy. Let’s get dressed and go out!!! We end up at Tangerine at Treasure Island. (Treasure Island has actually changed it’s name to TI, who knows why) There were 3 “burlesque” dancers wearing tangerine fringed bikinis. The would dance to the lounge type music. Then a three piece band trotted in and played three songs. While they played, the blond dancer cavorted behind the bar. Think 60’s bikini dance and you’ve got it. We felt old, tired and fat compared to all the young twenty-somethings, so we left. We proceeded to the sports bar at Mirage and played video poker and kept after the cocktails.

Next day: A little crispy. Very hungry. Lunch/breakfast at the diner. A nap for DD, very crispy day for him. I lounged by the pool. Got a pedicure….blah, blah, blah.

So it went for what seemed like days. Out to the pool to grab chairs before they were all reserved. Sunning, lunch, shopping, napping, dinner, shows. All of it was pretty much heaven.

Just a few insights on Las Vegas.

  • We mentioned to a cab driver that we couldn’t believe the amount construction on the strip. He commented that he thought that when he first starting driving a cab. When was that? Thirty years ago!
  • Wynn is really lovely, but unless the rooms come with a 24 hour butler, I’m not sure why you’d stay there. It’s the same story with Bellagio, Venetian and Mandalay Bay.
  • There is a Jo Malone store in Wynn. I spent most of my gambling allotment there!
  • If you are a man, do not go to a strip show with your mother and father in law in tow. It will most likely scar you for life.
  • Fake Red Bull is a drinking “no-no” If you are going to do Jaeger or Cherry bombs, make sure you have the real stuff.
  • Surprise birthday vacations Totally Rule. I had a blast. (We had a blast together, too) I got a tan. I drank a lot of rum and diet cokes. I didn’t lose too much gambling. All in all a very sucessful Vegas trip! Thank you DD for the fabulous trip. Yes, I did have a great time!

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