no excuses now

Well, after riding solidly in the B Group on our last team ride, I am ready to give up the ghost. I was chatting with our coach while grinding up another hill. I told him I thought I was ready to graduate to “clipless pedals” He said, and I quote, “I used every excuse I had, then I got an all carbon bike. No excuses now, I just have to ride faster”

Oh shit. I was thinking I would be more efficient and maybe even a little faster with the addition of clipless pedals. You know, my coach somehow just managed to sound exactly like my sales director. Just ride faster. Come out and win or don’t come out at all. Git er done. Or really, anything else like those quick, quippy comments. Shit. I’m accountable. Really. 80th percentile don’t get it done. Even 90th percentile. Fuck it, I’m screwed. I just need to get out and fucking do it.

Nike says (or said) Just do it. Fuck me. I’ll just do it.
Bike Riding(Lance) Golf(Tiger Woods) Baseball (Mets, Yankees, Detroit)

God help us all.

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2 Responses to no excuses now

  1. kewyson says:

    Clipless are the only way to go – not only more efficient (maybe that doesn’t do all that much to people like you and I) – but much more comfortable (you don’t have to crank down the strap OVER your foot – the shoe itself holds your foot – You’re a roadie – so you get the have the really geeky shoes that make you walk funny. If you don’t like that idea, look into some mtn. bike shoes & pedals – maybe a bit more weight (hope your not a weight weenie), but you also have shoes that have some rubber soles to help you look really cool when you’re taking a break.Now, as for the coach – don’t know all – just what works for me – If you ain’t having fun, damn it sucks – that kinda how I’ve approached sports – maybe it also explains my chosen sports (mtn biking, sailing, windsurfing) and maybe why I just never could stick with any team sport in junior high through training season –

  2. HP says:

    Kewyson,Thanks for the tips. I’ve actually been riding for about a year with mtn bike shoes. They have some pretty serious cleats, but I can actually walk in them when we stop for a break.We both have mountain bikes, too. That’s how we rode last year’s century ride. Crazy huh? I’d actually like to put the knobby tires back on it and try a little single track. That means I could wear “normal looking” clothes, too.

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