lots of fundraising, not much cycling

Went to a fundraising party for a teamate last weekend. Gave her $50 plus some raffle ticket money. My gal, KSS, had a fundraising party two days ago. We raised about $250 in profits for the cause.

It’s weird. This flurry of fundraising but no cycling to speak of. DD and I have both hit our 100% mark. We actually intend to raise $1000 more, just for giggles.

We had a bye weekend the last weekend of October and should have ridden anyway. We didn’t.

I caught a cold on Friday, felt like utter shit Saturday and Sunday. No ridey this weekend. Just sleep and some painting. No ride tonite, the cold has migrated to my lungs. I break a sweat just thinking about going up the stairs.

I feel like I’ve lost something. I feel like we might not actually do the ride b/c we haven’t ridden in almost 3 weeks. What is wrong with us??? Where am i?

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