consumed by the evil blog

Struck by what my husband uttered today, I have fianlly decided to post. He said, and I quote, “Sometimes I find myself getting sucked in to some inane topic on the internet. I stop myself and wonder why I am wasting my time. Why am I not creating something of my own?”

Point well taken.

This past month is a combination of slogging thru work tasks, selling stuff and consuming a bunch of crap from the internet. Or as I’ve heard it called, “the inner nets”. Nope, the crap of which I speak doesn’t include the latest updates from my blog pals. John or Jill or Mrs. Kennedy. Yeah, you’d think I am personal friends with these people. How about Penny Pressed? Or Wendy McClure. Big Johnny at DrunkCyclist? Nope, I just lurk at their blogs. Occasionally I’ll comment. I also surf people I actually know: Uncle Crappy and… Umm, well, you know, people I actually know, umm, they are….

OK, OK, I don’t really know any of the people I read except Uncle Crappy.

The crap of which I speak is those crazy celebrity blogs. Yep. I can’t get enough of Lindsey Lohan, Matthew McConnaughey and Kate Moss and her horrible crack head, smack head BF. I thought I was even ready for a Britney Spears come back. But in 10 short days I’ve already seen more, much more of Brit Brit than I ever needed or wanted. No come back for you, Brit. Sorry, girlfriend.

Another dirty little secret of mine. I have a really stupid, unfulfilling MySpace page. What is that you say? A MySpace page? What? Is hellpellet 25 and trolling for some internet strange?
Nope. I’m not. Ask Uncle Crappy. (he’s perhaps my only internet friend who can truly vouch for me) I am a leetle bit older than 25 and am not trolling for any kind of weird internet “social” activities.

Why MySpace? I thought it would be fun. It is really just pretty lame. See note at Fashionable Chaos. I am totally on board with Penny’s comments. Look at me referencing my “friend” at her blog. I have totally lost my mind.

I troll MySpace looking at horrible spelling errors, stupid animated gif’s, and listening to music.

Wait! Listening to music? That’s something worthwhile. Yep, that’s exactly what I do on MySpace. That’s all I ever do there. That explains it perfectly.

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3 Responses to consumed by the evil blog

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    Since I allowed you to con me into joining MySpace, I’ve been wondering what it’s all about. Some thoughts:

    * My age is well documented. It’s waaaaay over 25.

    * No trolling on my part.

    * I have received, however, a number of interesting proposals from people whose profiles are inevitably deleted a few days after I receive them. These proposals seem to involve young ladies and naked pictures.

    * I have exactly one friend who doesn’t live in a certain house in suburban Cleveland. She found me via my avatar, which was, um, borrowed from an art professor at OU. Being a former Bobcat herself, she got in touch.

    * Your husband recently asked to be added to my friends list, and I accepted. However, I’ve forgotten how to reciprocate the request with both DD and the former Bobcat. File this under: “Uncle Crappy is an idiot.”

    * I have no idea what else I’m supposed to do with this thing. Any suggestions?

  2. Uncle Crappy says:

    And the reason I started the last comment and promply forgot about:

    Consider yourself vouched.

  3. Uncle Crappy says:

    When I posted the second comment, your word verification asked me to type this:


    That makes me laugh as if I were a 12-year-old boy.

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