full of Christmassy Goodness

err… due to technical difficulties beyond our control, hellpellet is unable to broadcast in the proper “politically correct” fashion today.

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Christmas. What? A Christmas Tree? Christmas Presents? Christmas Cookies? Christmas Cards? Christmas Carols?

Nope, no “holidays” here. No holiday tree, no holiday vacation. Christmas. Santa Claus. Away in a Manger. All that Christmassy Goodness.

Why the rant? I got my first E-card today that didn’t even stoop to a “Happy Holidays” or even “Seasons Greetings”. It said “Have a great Winter Season!”

Even worse, it came from someone in California, where it is usually never winter. Or at least it’s not a real winter. Is the “Winter Season Card” person taunting us for having winter in the Midwest? Or are they just dropping the PC Christmas handle of the year on us? Is it a holiday tree? Or is it just a Winter Tree?

Maybe we should just stick with the tried and true complete scouring and bleaching of any holiday or celebration: Festivus.

Happy Frickin’ Festivus!!

I’m down with that. How ’bout you?

Small print: No animals, Santa Clauses or elves or even Babes in a Manger were harmed in the posting of this blog. Only recycled materials were used in the manufacture and mailing of this Season’s Holiday Cards.

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1 Response to full of Christmassy Goodness

  1. John says:

    Ah, the heck with it. Merry Christmas. That’s what I celebrated. My kids celebrated Merry Giftus.

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