Spring might have sprung!

Sorry I haven’t posted in what seems like years. I almost forgot how to login!

Really busy running around, selling things, trying to do laundry, cook dinner and work out. It all seems to get 90 percent done….then sometimes I just crash and nap for two or three days.

I’ll start from last weekend and work back.

I went to Columbus this weekend for some much needed and anticipated family time. Then, as a bonus, got to have some pretty hard core Ground Hog Time.

I stayed with Grandma of HellPellet on Friday nite. I took she and her boyfriend to dinner at Golden Corral. First thing, I would normally never go to Golden Corral. Second thing, my Grandma has a boyfriend. The two go freakishly hand in hand. Grandma’s boyfriend is very particular about what he eats. He says he likes to go to buffets so if he is not satisfied with his food, he can go back and get a 2nd, 3rd or 10th plate of something else. So, Golden Corral it is.

My Grandmother is going to be 90 years old this fall. Yep, 90!! She has a boyfriend. Scary. She hangs out with someone who is not my Grandfather. Grandpa, who incidentally hung the moon, passed about 7 years ago. I still really miss him and I really can’t see her with anyone else.

So, the combo Boyfriend-Golden-Corral-Outing was pretty much a success. Bob liked his food, Grandma had a good time, liked her food. My food: no comment. I bet the breakfast buffet might be a better bet next time.

On to visit Juan, Wilfredo and Mary May…..
we had planned to go see Lucinda Williams on Saturday nite. Juan had experienced trouble getting tickets for the show from the TicketBastard phone lines, so we trotted down to the venue to plunk down our cash for tickeys. The ticket windows weren’t open. I slowly read the sign that said the windows “are open at noon on the day of a show” Something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure it out.

I slowly back away from the window with a quizzed look on my face. I stare at the Marquee…
It says….

April 20 Lucinda Williams
April 21 Upper Arlington High School Prom

Juan swoops by in the Lexus, I jump in. I grab my phone and check the date. It says April 21, 2007. We missed the concert by a day. It’s a crazy world we live in when I don’t know the date, Juan can’t get thru on the Ticket Line, and the original planner, Tam, doesn’t know the date either. Shit. We were all looking forward to it, too.

We should have just gone ahead and crashed the UAHS prom, don’t you think?

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1 Response to Spring might have sprung!

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    1) Crashing the UA prom would have totally been the proper thing to do.2) Don’t be too freaked out by Grandma’s boyfriend. When Grandma Crappy moved into an assisted living apartment in Nerk — this was well after she was widowed — she had to beat the suitors away with a stick.

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