So, we went on vacation to the Outer Banks in August.

We took two days to drive there so we could take a small side trip to Monticello in Charlottesville. I’ve wanted to see the home TJ designed. You know, see his digs. We did.

It’s a show stopper. The entire estate, from the siting, to the gardens, to the plan, to the home is stunning. He is a mastermind. Maybe even a freak.

Then we buckled down and drove the rest of the way. We figured it’d be about 4 hours.

It ended up being 8 hours. It was an odyssey of 97 degree weather, no air conditioning and stifling traffic. Note to self: Get there next year on Friday nite instead of Saturday. That equals one extra day at the beach!

The beach vacation is a long family tradition. Requirements are: big beach house very close to the beach, a house-ful of friends and/or family, swimming and walking during the day, cocktail hour and dinner at home every night. The only decisions to make are:

  • To swim in the ocean or to swim in the pool
  • What to have for cocktails
  • Which book to read next
  • What color souvenir tshirt to buy

Everything else pretty much motors along by itself. Each family in the group cooks a meal for one night. The party planners pick the cocktail to go with the dinner.

Easy-PeaseyPekingese- ee.

I’m sure it sounds boring. Let me assure you, I am in my bliss at the beach. I love the water. I love walking on the beach. I absolutely love the joy of “being” while I’m at the beach. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, as long as I’m there.

See ya’ll on the beach next year!

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2 Responses to August!

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    OK! Only two-and-a-half more months to write about before you’re caught up!

  2. Uncle Crappy says:


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