I promised Uncle Crappy I’d have a slow work month so I’d be able to post and “catch up”

I probably should have posted all month in November. Work was slow and I had the time to post. Or at least it seems like I did! This month has been busy work-wise. Busy enough that when work is “done” I vegetate on the couch while watching HGTV. That has been my favorite Guilty Pleasure of late.

So, here’s to vegetating, reading about 10 books and watching hours on end of Iron Chef and house “fixer-up” shows and not doing anything much for Christmas.

Here’s what I’ve done over the past 24 hours:

  • Bought Christmas Tree
  • Cleaned garage (DD did this, not me)
  • Extricated 15 boxes of Chrismas Decorations from garage attic. Brought them in the house.
  • Installed lights and decorations on the front porch. Everyone on our block thinks we’ve converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses. I did this during the teeth of the Blizzard yesterday for added style points.
  • Put up tree, installed lights and ornaments
  • Listened to Nat King Cole and Wynton Marsalis Christmas music (prerequisite for trimming the tree)
  • Purchased food gift baskets for my boss and co-workers in our Arizona office (late? maybe a bit)

Today the goal is to clean the dining room and decorate in there. I’m usually Johnny on the Spot at Christmas but everything is a bit delayed this year. Well, it will get done. It always does!!

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