an old friend

So, about 5 years ago I got my very own compy. And a desk. And a chair. None of it was new or for that matter, very shiny or spiffy. What it was was mine. The compy was the best part of all. I got some crazy dial up internet provider and I was off to the races. ( a slow race but a race nonetheless)

A Yahoo Mail address. Somewhat instant access to Somewhat instant access to Yahoo News and I was in heaven!!

I sent ridiculous chain letter emails and jokes to All My Friends. Yes, I spent hours a day sending ridiculous chain letters. Until I really irritated a lot of people. I read the news endlessly at drudgereport. I found some cool sites that I tended to read every day.

Cool sites like this…and this. Then I found my first blog. Love this lady and her blog, absolutely love her. So for whatever reason, I kind of stopped reading her blog every day. Then I forgot it was out there. Then I couldn’t even remember the name of the blog, just the general idea. Flash to today where I have to “catch up” everyday with about 5 or 6 blogs.

What was the name of that cool blog? She also has a graphics business, what the hell was the name of that? And just like that I remembered the name of her business and found her “instantly” (I have a cable modem now)

Jen from VeryBigDesign rules. I love the graphics on her sites, especially VBD. It reminds me of my Grandmother’s Butterick patterns from the 70’s. Also reminiscent of Grandma’s “hostess gowns” she’d wear when she had poker parties (whiskey parties) with she and Grandpa’s cool “couple” friends. Really the graphics take me back. The commentary makes me laugh.

I’m glad I found you again! Thanks for a great day.

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