Project Runway Derailed in Your Neighborhood

I’m starting to sound like my Grandmother.  Or maybe like Don Draper.  Just give me a gray suit, a skinny tie and a fedora.

I dress pretty conservatively.  I  try to dress in flattering items and attempt to coordinate my outfits.   I throw on a fun pair of shoes or grab an interesting pocketbook to liven up my look.  I routinely put on my jewelry then remove 1 piece.  I don’t want to look “overdone”.

I have  fashion flaws

I still wear Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.  I’m too old to wear them.  And they’re not very “girly”.

I wear t-shirts, generally black ones, a little too often.  I wear them with jeans  a lot too.  I  look like a tomboy because of the t-shirts/jeans combo.

I dress nicely for work but go “dress down” mode instantly after work.  There’s no in between outfit for me, which could be a fashion “no no”.

When I say “dress down” I have to qualify it.  I don’t wear sweatpants in public, unless I’m going to or from a workout.  I don’t wear pajama pants or sweat shirts in public either.  I can’t stand to wear tennis shoes with jeans unless they are my Chuck Taylors.

Here’s my question…when did dressing appropriately start to include sweat pants, pajama pants, slippers and the like?  Did you seriously get dressed and look in the mirror and say, “Wow, this is the nicest looking ensemble I can wear in public today?”

I’m a fashion curmudgeon, maybe even a snob

I saw an outfit on the street that really stuck me.  You know the socks that they give you in the hospital or nursing home?  The ones that are either tan or light blue?  The ones with the sticky patterns on the bottom?  Yes?

I saw someone wearing  hospital socks with a pair of clogs.  And this someone wasn’t in a hospital, they were on the street.

When did the fabulous slipper sock become a new  fashion item?  Did this “new look” come in vogue this fall or was it last winter?    Because if it did, I missed it.

I’ve missed out on the latest fashion “look” and I’m ok with it.  How do I know it’s the latest?  Because I went to Walgreen’s  and saw The Snuggie in new fashion colors.  What was right next to The Snuggie?  The Slipper Sock for Men, Women & Kids in Fabulous Fashion Colors.

Coco Chanel is thrashing in her grave.

sock fug

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2 Responses to Project Runway Derailed in Your Neighborhood

  1. rebelliousflaw says:

    OMG! I know what to get you for Christmas! 😉

  2. drunkdude69 says:

    Um, is it bad that I have a pair of these in my sock drawer? I mean, I would _never_ wear them in public or anything…

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