yeah, that too

It was the middle of my “I’m-so-busy, I-don’t-know-what-day-it-is” Summer and I had put in another 12 hour work day.  I had a corporate event at a golf course. Since I don’t golf, I was a bartender for the 40 plus golf foursomes the administrative “help”. It was a great day of sunshine, being silly and riding on the back of a golf cart. I had to pace myself though. I really had to pace myself because I planned on tying one on at a Ratdog show later.

I enjoyed a steak dinner and listened to corporate butt-kissing by the event sponsors.   I sat through the high score winner presentations and the closest to the tee winners while seriously anticipating the hippie-music show with @unclecrappy and @mrscrappy.  I left as soon as I possibly could without looking like a total jerk.

I raced home at about 7:30 to change out of my “corporate label” golf clothing and put on something more appropriate for a hippie music show. I called a cab, he picked me up and we tooled over to the Time Warner Amphitheatre.  Amphitheatre is a loose term, it’s really a parking lot covered by an enormous open sided tent.  Glorified hillbilly concert tent is more like it. There’s a stage at one end and a VIP section serving Miller Lite.

The Show

UC and the Wife were already there and luckily a few beers into their nite. I grabbed a couple more beers and found them just to the right of the sound board. They had scouted out a great spot. Also included were surprise guests, the Garson Brothers! The sound was great.  The songs really ebbed and flowed.  As with any hippie type show, the enjoyment and dancing was enhanced by my well calculated alcohol intake.  Too much too fast and you can peak and crash half way through the show.

The show was fabulous, I danced pretty much all nite. I sweat like crazy and allowed myself to count that night’s dancing two regular workouts.  Plus I was able to wash all the corporate, work related stress and energy right out of my system.  I love a good “dead-dance-a-thon” to clean out the pipes.

The show was over after a rousing 2 encores and we stumbled back to the toaster-vehicle. We chilled with some cold water and Gatorade while wasted hippies crashed in their VW microbuses the crowd thinned. After a quick and invigorating drive home, we flopped on the front porch for one last beer.

On the porch, we met up with DrunkDude and boys.  They had seen a show too:  The Police.  DD and the boys gave The Police a tepid review.  After comparing notes, we decided that the hippie fest won & was definitely the way to go that night.  Hippie Music rules.

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