#1 Covert Operations

Our friends Sherry & Chantal recently went on a Caribbean cruise. They went with a large group of people including Sherry’s Mom who we all call “Grandma”.

Part of their planning revolved around the idea of saving some money on the “entertainment” portion of the trip. The cruise they booked was all inclusive except for alcohol. Since much of the focus of this trip was drinking, they felt they needed to circumvent some of the regulations and bring their own alcohol.

Much like most bars & restaurants, you are not allowed to bring your own liquor on board. The cruise line even goes as far as prohibiting buying liquor in port and transferring this liquor to your room. They hold your liquor purchases until your final port and disembarkation.

So what’s a thrifty traveler to do? Place any clear liquor in an empty Listerine bottle and add the approriate colored food coloring. Place this newly minted “Listerine” in your checked baggage and you have a party.
Do you want a few more hints from our intrepid travelers? Want some Cuba Libres? 151 is the same color as Classic Listerine. Afraid you ‘ll get caught by the cruise ship “police”? Set up a decoy. Grab the cheapest bottle of vodka you can find. If your luggage is searched, the cops will take the vodka and leave your doctored vodka alone.

Best tip yet? Take your grandmother. And make her carry a bottle of Listerine with vodka too! You’ll be glad you saved the money. Mixed drinks are $10 and up.

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