#2 Day 1 Re-Do is in order

I just installed the WordPress app on my iPhone and completed 2 posts on Sunday.  One each for Day 1 and 2.  We were in Canada through yesterday so I wanted to get a jump on posting for NaBloPoMo while the Wi-Fi was still free.  Somehow I managed to delete the first one.  And then I successfully posted the second one.

That’s how it goes sometimes with the iPhone.  There’s a 50/50 chance on me misspelling something on twitterrific.  There’s a 100 percent chance AutoCorrect iPhone will misspell something for me.  And then a 50 percent chance I will catch the error before posting.

My favorite Apps so far:

  • Twitterrific Multiple feeds and no logging in and out to access them
  • Weather Channel Always at my fingertips for an instant fix
  • Facebook Great for trolling through people’s photos during down time.  I feel like a freak though, I check out photos and rarely interact with my “friends”
  • Topple2 My new favorite game to play when I want to chill
  • Email Multiple accounts  so I can stay on top of things even though I am browsing for  shoes at TJMaxx
  • Pandora My music fix so I don’t have to deal with my iPod

Things I still need to complete:

  • To Do List App Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Contacts Finish importing from my old cell
  • Synch I need to get better about doing this

Unclecrappy and DrunkDude69 gave me a good start on Apps.  What’s your favorite App?  What’s the most useful or fun for you?

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1 Response to #2 Day 1 Re-Do is in order

  1. drunkdude69 says:

    I’m pretty happy with the “To Do” app as my do-list. It syncs with my Toodledo account so I can update the stuff online or on my phone and still have everything in the same place. I like Tweetie for Twitter. Shopper is also cool for managing shopping lists for the liquor, erm, grocery store. I am also hopelessly addicted to Twisty Text.

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