#4 My commute is exactly 12 feet

8:00 am  Cat’s meow outside bedroom door wakes me up.

8:30 am  Shuffle to kitchen to make coffee and breakfast.

8:35 am  Feed cat who is still making un-Godly howling noises.

8:45 am Eat breakfast, inhale coffee quickly.  The sooner the better with the coffee.  It takes about 45 minutes to really kick in.

9:00 am  Shuffle to office, still wearing sweats.  Most likely I wore the same sweat pants yesterday.

9:02 am Open email, read top 5 blogs, save rest of blogs for a break later.

9:20 am  Start “to-do” list.

10:00 am  Cat is back, he wants to sit in my lap.  That’s good, when it’s cold, he’s like a hot water bottle.

10:00 am  My coffee didn’t kick in yet, read more blogs, catch up on twitter on iPhone.

10:30 am  Cat is making my legs go numb.  Walk downstairs, get more coffee.

11:00  am  Mutter expletives….I have a meeting today, outside of the house.  I can’t wear sweat pants!  Shit!@

11:05  am  Race to laundry room.  What is clean?  What is vaguely clean?  Throw pants and blouse in dryer with fabric softener sheet to “freshen”.

11:10  am  Zip to shower and begin “get ready” tasks.  At least now I’ve got adrenaline pumping & I’m wound up!

11:45  am  Grab “clean” clothes, find shoes & briefcase.  Eat lunch standing in kitchen.

12:00  pm  Leave for meeting, hoping traffic is decent.  Not exactly sure where meeting is.  Somewhere in 5th circle of hell around Case Western Campus.

12:49  pm  Arrive early because the universe is so good to me.

12:57  pm  Find office on 13th floor.  Spit in face of evil doers, I am on the 13th floor, M-effers!  Come find me.

1:00 pm  Client arrives, flustered.  She’s probably also wearing clothing from the “freshen” setting on her dryer.

##No one would know the difference though.  We have an adult meeting.  We exchange ideas & decide next steps.  We decide to reconvene in 1 week.##

1:50  pm  Depart office building, dodging traffic.  Starving again, make a quick side trip to favorite diner for club sandwich.

3:00  pm  Arrive home to office.  Work for another client.  Cat wants in lap again.

5:45  pm  Order Chinese, lamenting lack of food in house.

6:00  pm  Pick up food, then to grocery for Resolve (cat puked on rug) and beers.

6:30  pm  Dinner with DrunkDude69 and JayFro.  Engaging conversation and funny stories ensue.

8:00  pm  Work 2 more hours, write 1 really lame blog post.  You’ll forgive me, won’t you?

10:00 pm   Television that I don’t really remember watching.  VH1?  TBS?  Who knows.

1:00  am  Night all!




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1 Response to #4 My commute is exactly 12 feet

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    RE: 11:05 — A friend I used to work with had a theory: heat = clean. Freshening clothes in the dryer is an absolutely valid way to get ready for the work day.

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