#8 This Old House

Two of our friends stopped by yesterday for coffee.  They used to live about 6 blocks from us.  About 3 years ago, they moved back home to Wisconsin.  They recently pulled the trigger and bought an old house.  OK, to be more specific, they bought a Century Home.  It’s been generally untouched since the 70’s.  And then before that, probably the 50’s.  They have a ton of work to do and as first time homeowners, they are ready to start.  Start right now.

Cool, right?  She is a bit more cautious about projects.  And more patient about making do with current construction “circumstances”.  He’s ready to tear into every room and have all the projects  done in 2 years.  We talked general ins & outs of owning older homes.  We showed them our  two new bathrooms.  And talked about the trials of removing & then replacing wood siding.

They have some really cool stuff going on at their new Old Home.  Every floor is carpeted.  And the carpeting is protecting hardwood floors.  Score!  All the walls and ceilings are plaster.  And are covered with at least 4 layers of wallpaper.  Eeek.  They have 2 baths.  Score!  All of the appliances, sinks, toilets and tubs are 70’s yellow.  Eeek.  They have a huge basement with high ceilings but it may not be totally functional as a basement.  Break Even??

This is the story of nearly every untouched  old home I know.  Full of possibilities.  Full of reward for hardworking, creative types.  Full of hours of planning, dreaming and scheming.  Full of seemingly millions of hours of manual labor and elbow grease.

They’re excited and partially overwhelmed.  Through their excitement, I”m seeing all my projects that have yet to start.  And I’m excited about each one.

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!



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