#9 Don’t forget to take your vitamins

I can’t remember to take my vitamins let alone some obscure new-aged organic remedy.

Just recently I was talking about a quirky, non-life threatening  ailment and someone suggested I take (insert odd health food store botanical here).  First thing, the ailment is a fleeting thought, something very minor.  Not worth my time to even think about….  Second?  I’m not sure that I want to spend $30 on some un-regulated product of dubious origin and result.  Third thing?  I can’t remember to take a regular multivitamin + Calcium.  Cannot remember.  So, how could I possibly remember to Astragulated Coho Root (Organic) too?

I want to be healthy.  I try to exercise, eat right, consume in moderation.  But I just cannot remember to take the vitamins and minerals.


Cut to today at the doctor’s office.  I have a minor ailment that will be miraculously cured by 10 days of antibiotics.

You can bet your ass I”ll be taking these as prescribed.  Seems like my limit of  “pill popping focus”  is about 10 days.  After that, all bets are off!


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