#10 Playlists

Sometimes I feel like Wayne and Garth in “Wayne’s World”

Here’s the premise.  We’ve gone out to our favorite watering hole for some wings and a beer or two.  Our friend RayRay texts us to see where we are.  We manage a “meet up” in our basement.  We drink more beer.  We catch up.  We talk about controversial subjects.  Sometimes the discussions get really loud.  One of us always becomes the token drunk of the evening.

The token drunk has to ask a crazy question.  One of the more sober has to explain the answer.  Token drunk doesn’t really listen and cuts into the explanation to ask more questions.  The more questions the token drunk asks, the less he listens.  On and on:   ore questions and fewer  answers.

Eventually I crash on the sofa and the evening continues until I crawl off to bed.

I know, it sounds about as fun as watching paint dry.  Or maybe about as fun as watching grass grow.  Other than getting together with friends, here’s the draw.

iTunes Playlists.

Here’s the game we play.  DD’s computer is at the center of the rock altar in his office.  He has a prodigious amount of music in iTunes.  Each person in turn picks two songs from the library and adds them to the playlist.  The turn keeps going around the room.  At first you know who played which tune.  As the night / early morning wears on, you lose track.  It’s fun to guess who picked a song or series of songs.  You get some serious kudos for picking truly obscure songs.  You’ll get even more playlist points for the obscure song that somehow folds nicely into the night’s theme.

Everyone who joins us in the playlist game is either a musician, a total music junkie or both.  Generally we agree on a few music genres.  With over 6000 songs from which to choose, the choices and lists are stunning.

It’s pretty amazing what we can pick.  Several years ago I was unceremoniously sacked at my job.  We ended up playing the game that night.  Without even picking a theme, everyone seemed to choose two themes:  freedom or anger.  Funny how that works, huh?

Generally the mood of the group picks the theme.  It’s usually not as obvious as this playlist:  HP Gets Sacked.

Picking songs continues until one of these occurs:

  • The sun comes up
  • The token drunk can’t remember how to work  iTunes

The lists are saved in forever and sometimes appear during a workout or road trip as inspiration.

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