#13 Hey, that’s my demographic!

Tweenage girls and women who are 40 something.  Or 40 something Moms and their teens.  What is it about Edward Cullen and the Twilight Crew that we love so much?

My neighbor who has two teenagers called me up today.  She wanted to know what Friday New Moon I wanted to go see.  I said, whenever is good for me!

So here’s the plan.  Jenny and her two kids saddle up in the mini-van.  We get to the theatre super early.   We  sneak in Subway Sandwiches and eat our dinner in the theatre.  Then we go order popcorn and diet Coke and continue our feeding frenzy.

We watch the movie with her kids.

(So when we went to Twilight last year, we got there really late.  It was dark and the previews had started.  Jenny and I grabbed the last two seats together.  When the movie was over, we got up to leave.  I stood up and felt like I was 10 feet tall.  Everyone around me was at least 12″ shorter than me!  Now I know what a 5th grade teacher feels like  )

When was the last time you went to a  movie and brought food or drink from home?  The last time was 1998 and I think I took in beers.  Which after I emptied them, I let roll on the floor to the front of the theatre.

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1 Response to #13 Hey, that’s my demographic!

  1. drunkdude69 says:

    You know times have changed when you aspire to smuggle in Subway instead of Stroh’s.

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