#14 Lakewood Kicks Some Serious Ass

I’m in love with my adopted city.  I grew up in Columbus, OH.  Nice town.  Pretty plain vanilla, Columbus,  but a nice town.  Cleveland?  Love it.  The people are nice.  The history is rich.  It’s on a Great Lake.  When the dreaded Global Warming finally happens, Cleveland is going to be a Resort Town, I just know it.

Anywho, I live in Lakewood and it’s even a little better than Cleveland.  Lakewood is an inner ring suburb comprised of family homes, large estates on Lake Erie and great condominiums and apartment buildings.  It’s a nice mix of older homes and condos and lots of nice front porches.  People sit on their front porches in Lakewood.  They converse with and know their neighbors.  There’s usually a corner bar, a corner store and great restaurant within walking distance from every home, apartment and condominium in Lakewood.

So, I’ve got it good, real good.  I live in a nearly 100 year old home, have fabulous neighbors and can walk to nearly everything I need.  Great things are happening in Lakewood these days.

The library recently expanded.  It’s a beautiful new building, shiny, freshy new, in fact.

How gorgeous is this?












How about some new, cool places to nosh and jump onto some freebie wi-fi?

The fries? I'd cut off my little toe for some fries.










More free wi-fi and great breakfast treats?  How about here?

I know, I know. It's a chain restaurant. But it's got great treats!










This beauty is right across the street from the new Library.  Amazing architecture.  Available for development?  Why yes, it is!

What cool new thing is going here?  In my real estate dreams it would be a recording studio with rehearsal space/performance space and a cool cafe and/or bar?  I’d dig that.

There for the taking. Ready to develop right now.










There’s so much new in Lakewood I haven’t had time to photograph all of it.  It’s really amazing how much  is being developed.  It’s so new and exciting.

Even the garbage receptacles are pretty!

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2 Responses to #14 Lakewood Kicks Some Serious Ass

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    A question: How in the hell can anyone write a post about the highlights of Lakewood without including The Place To Be?

  2. hellpellet says:

    Oh, that’s a whole different post. I think I’ll call it “Fabulous Standbys”

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