#16 November Reprieve

I spent some time on the banks of Rocky River today.  The water was really shallow and calm.  A few leaves were floating lazily downstream.  The only way to tell the river was actually flowing was by watching the slow travel of the leaves.

The water looked pretty shallow.  I had an urge to wade in but thought that it was deeper than it seemed.  It was probably pretty cold, too.   The bare trees and near vertical bluffs were all that was reflected in this calm stretch of water.

A few yards downstream were a series of rocks.  The tops of the rocks were exposed, urging me to jump on and cross the river.  I hesitated again because I know the water is deeper than it looked.

Tomorrow the river will be higher.  It’s been raining for 2 hours.  It’s amazing how fast the river swells, covering most of the rocks.

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