Pig Out

In the last 5 days we’ve driven to Pittsburgh and back. It was to visit family & visit IKEA for some shop-a-rama. There was also a side trip to an arts & crafts show on Monroeville. My house to Monroeville exit can actually happen in 2 hours 30 minutes flat (1 restroom stop included). Mrs Crappy would be proud.

It’s also been a week of couch sitting and movie pigout. We’ve watched beaucoup movies in the last 24 hours We’re serious gluttons:
• “Pirates of the Caribean part trois”
• “Quantum of Solace”
• “X-Men Origins”
• “Star Trek” some dorks & Simon Pegg (Simon PEGG!)
• “Casino Royale”

And then today we drove to Columbus & back to have Thanksgiving Lunch with Grandma. Oh and I forgot. We had an impromtu party Tuesday night. Up til 3 am for that little number.

And I’m super glad to have bullets on the keyboard of my iPhone. WordPress and bullets on my iPhone? Awesome discoveries. And another thing for which to be thankful.

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1 Response to Pig Out

  1. Uncle Crappy says:

    Bullets on the iPhone? Holy shit! Where?

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