The day after I found out that Uncle and Mrs Crappy, Fred and Ethel are all running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon I had a crazy dream.  As if.

Really, as if that news is not crazy in itself.  The crazy is compounded further by the fact that DD and I are also planning on running a marathon the very same month. I have crazy dreams all the time but the insanity usually doesn’t track directly back to something so timely.  And odd.

I can say that I’ve had dreams in which Mrs Crappy or Uncle Crappy appear.  Gosh, I’ve know them forever.  Not unusual if they appear in a dream.  I dream in color, too.  Vivid almost obnoxious color.  Was shocked to find that most people do not dream in color.  What the hell is wrong with “you people”?  Can’t you dream in color?

Anyway, back to my crazy dream.  OK, another aside.  Why did Fred and Ethel show up in my dream?  Totally bizarre.

Here’s the dream.  There’s an old Craftsman Style Bungalow home.  It’s painted inside and out with white paint.  It’s an old lady house, though.  The old lady who had lived in the lovely, old Craftsman, had passed away.  The “old lady” was never identified.  It didn’t seem important in the dream.  You know how weird dreams can be.  The house was full of all kinds of “old lady” furniture.  Tons of crocheted afghans, tons of knick-knacks.  Probably some creepy old baby dolls too.  Just for good measure.

As a matter of fact, there was so much “old lady” stuff that it was like my dream was shouting at me, “This house is old, in a mostly untouched state, and a little old lady lived here the last 35 years of her life!!!”  Shouting about the “old lady-ness” of the house.

So, Uncle Crappy, Mrs Crappy and I are milling through the house.  It’s our job to sort, discard, pack and sell every item in the house.  It’s our job to clean the “old lady” house.  DD, Fred and Ethel arrive.  We all start sorting and packing.  DD and Fred are in charge of disposal.  There’s a huge dumpster in the front yard.  There are boxes everywhere.  We sort and pack because it is our job to clean the house and get it ready for it’s next life.

Here’s when I wake up.

My first thought is, “Wow, that was a cool house!”

Second, “Tons of my friends were in the dream.  How cool.”

Third?  “WTF was that all about?”

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5 Responses to Dreaming

  1. Gina says:

    OK, this is SO WEIRD! Last night, I had a dream that Uncle Crappy, some other friends and I were helping burghbaby move into a new house! I swear to God, I am not making this up!

    Of course, my dream also involved flooding, a pregnancy, and Uncle Crappy driving a pickup truck like a maniac and not letting me buckle my seatbelt.

  2. Burgh Baby says:

    I think this whole dream thing you and Gina have going on means YOU NEED TO MOVE TO PITTSBURGH. We’ll all help you pack and get settled. Ta-dah! Easy!

  3. drunkdude69 says:

    Umm, no more pepperoni before bed for you.

  4. Uncle Crappy says:

    HP: Um. Yeah.

    Gina: Me in a pickup? That sounds more like a nightmare.

  5. Ethel says:

    Slowly catching up on your blog! This makes me think of a few things: the parental units in our lives, the attraction to old-ish homes, the approach of a new year (boxing up and disposing of the old). Could be anything, of course. But mostly this makes me gulp because it reminds me of the half marathon…ugh! I mean, yay! Happy new year!

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