What I did December ’09

I should start my own business.  One where I’m someone’s personal assistant and errand runner. I can do an amazing amount of work in very little time.  My focus is amazing.  My demeanor?  Mmmmm, pretty intense. (Actually, I get pretty bitchy.  Just stay out of my way…)

This is my Team in Training to do list for December:

  • Update Team in Training email and snail mail address lists
  • Organize & stuff 150 Team in Training donation request letters
  • Revamp new Team in Training personal donation website (DD did the main site)
  • Attend first Marathon Training practice (it was 27 degrees downtown that morning)
  • Keep working on Couch to 5K so I can run next May
  • Organize and bake for Team in Training bake sale Dec. 12th
  • Work bake sale table all day on Dec. 12th

Here’s my to do list for Grandma this month:

  • Suffice to say there were about 12 bullets here.
  • I want to forget I did most of them
  • I’ve forgotten I did most of them
  • Yay!
  • I planned and completed a move from Grandma’s nursing home to an assisted living home
  • Somehow organized the paperwork, the bureaucratic bullshit, and finances
  • And managed to also get her some toilet paper, snacks and diet coke for her new apartment
  • Yay!  I’m mostly done with the move.  I’m definitely done talking about it.

Miscellania on to do list:

  • Clean spare bedroom
  • Break down bed (DD did this)
  • Install new futon (we both did this)
  • Move bikes and trainers inside
  • Throw all misc. “messes’ in this room, everyone needs a junk room during Christmas
  • Purge and organize home office
  • Discard two bags of garbage & multiple boxes from office

Fun things I did this month:

  • Plan and execute a kick ass, Spider Man themed 40th birthday party for my husband
  • Shop for birthday and Christmas gifts
  • Do initial research for Ground Hog 2010
  • Send Christmas Cards
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Prepare Christmas Dinner
  • Hang out at Ante Up studio for latest DrunkDude69 session
  • Attend The Independent Christmas Crash Soiree

Wow, I guess that’s a ridiculous list.  No wonder I don’t know what day it is.

New Year’s Resolution?

Only do Christmas/Birthday and work related things next December.

I’m giving myself permission to feel exhausted and to chill out this week.

There are only about 3 “must do’s” on my list.  Today’s list, that is.

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2 Responses to What I did December ’09

  1. drunkdude69 says:

    Don’t forget waiting on your one-legged rock and roller the last three weeks of the month.

  2. Uncle Crappy says:

    Exceptional use of bullets. I’m so proud of you.

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