Warm and safe.

I’m sitting in my warm living room eating a bologna sandwich and some Clementine oranges.  I’m watching cable tv while I finish my dinner.  I can jump up and get any kind of food, snack or beverage I’d like.  My husband is downstairs as is our fuzzy friend, the cat.  My neighbor’s kids are making a melty snowman in their front yard.

My home is intact, my family is right here, I have shelter.  My neighborhood is humming along as it always does.  People going to work, kids going to school.

Sitting here, warm, in my very own home, it’s hard to think about all the destruction and chaos in Haiti.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there, especially the BRESMA orphans and Jamie and Ali.  My wish is for them to have the same warmth, security, health, creature comforts and love that I have.  My wish is that they come home soon.

For specific details on the BRESMA orphanage in Port Au Prince, go here.  You can also make a secure donation that will go directly to the care of these orphans.

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1 Response to Warm and safe.

  1. drunkdude69 says:

    I think it’s important to recognize of how fortunate we are, and to be grateful for our good fortune. Nice post.

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