The only problem with that is….

We have PC and Mac overload in this house.  Which, like having a hot tub accident, is a very modern, fortunate-persons problem to have.  You know, when you’re hurt and somebody asks how you hurt yourself?

“Well, I fell while getting out of the hot tub.  Yeah, the hot tub with the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.  Yeah, it sucks.  My ankle really hurts.”

Poor baby. You were in a hot tub with a view of the Pacific Ocean?

That’s what our home is like.  No, we don’t have a hot tub.  Nor do we have a view of the Pacific Ocean.

We have so many PC’s, laptops and Macs that I frankly don’t know where to turn.

The Winner of the Modern Day Problem is…

The G4, while not state of the art,  is sweet because it’s wireless.  I can surf from anywhere, nearly. Fortunate problem with the G4?  Can’t watch videos, can’t print easily.

The super Mondo Mac in the DD’s office?  Freaking Awesome. …but the scanner and cool printer are not yet hooked up to this.

The PC in DD’s office?  Meh.  But it is hooked up to the scanner and cool printer.  So that’s a win…sort of.

My Dell?  It’s in my office and hardwired to the network.  I can watch videos but I can’t watch the widescreen tv at the same time.

The other real problem with the Dell?  It’s kind of a Frankenstein mash up of stuff.  I disconnected the easily accessible USB ports because I need to upgrade the internal USB thingie. (this is where my technical jargon becomes very suspect, which is the topic of a completely different post)

The other thing with the Dell?  Well, when you get right down to it….it’s not a Mac.  There.  I said it.

Until recently, this was never a concern.  I didn’t even know it could be a concern.  Other than kind of cool marketing ploy, I thought the PC vs Mac commercials were funny.  Funny because the PC guy was wearing an ill fitting, heinous polyester suit and the Mac guy handily harassed him.

This is me.  This is my brain on iPhone.

I got my iPhone and everything changed.  Everything.

The largest difference?  I became obsessed with checking twitter, facebook and my 5 email accounts.

I got more organized.  I got better at tracking things like exercise, diet and to do lists.

I started making notes to myself.  I kept better track of all my logins.

I started blogging more because I kept track of ideas for posts.

My posts were more interesting because I had photos to go with them.  Photos I took with my iPhone.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter.  Synching an iPhone with a PC is kind of wonky.  Kind of?  Who am I kidding?

I never do it the same way twice.  Sometimes it doesn’ t work at all.  Most times I synch, I mutter to myself, shrug and then abandon it altogether.

Which, like a hot tub accident is a very fortunate persons problem.

Oh and my ankle?  My ankle still hurts.

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