My Girlzzz

It’s the beginning of February.  I’m feeling the cabin fever pretty hard.  It’s dark most of our 24 hours per day.  Frankly, I had a rough go of things in December.  I’m mostly recovered from that month but sometimes…

Well most of every day, I’m telling myself I recovered from the insanity of December.  Telling myself to get the Hell Over It.  It’s been a month already…what the hell’s wrong with me.  Sometimes when the morning starts out gray and I’m feeling groggy, well, I tell myself I’m not over it yet.

Mostly I’m over it though.  I know, you’re confused.

Well my friends.  I’m over it.  I can tell myself this as much as I want but…

I have  lovely, smart, creative, delightful girlfriends who let me know.  I know I’m over it because what they’ve gone through in the last year?  Their shit?  Well my shit?  It pales in comparison.

So, my girls are getting their groove back on.  One needs an awesome new outfit to help turn her around.  Like an outfit that’s not jeans and a baggy sweater.  Something cute.  Something sorta sexy.  Something that might make her husband come court her again.  Yep, that kind of an outfit.

Another girl needs to start reconnecting.  Hanging with her people more face to face.  Grooving, sharing, listening to music.  Going out of the house for something more than groceries.  You know…going out and seeing what the world is doing.

Another girl needs to start reconnecting too.  She ‘s looking for a new job.  She doesn’t have a job now.  She needs to find her old friends and reconnect.  Then see if the old friends have some connecting they can do for her.  To help her find her new, perfect job.

Sound familiar?  Yeah, it all sounds real familiar to me.  I need my girls.  I need the support and friendship to make me feel good.  To tell me I’m smart and funny and cute.  And I need my girls so I can tell them the same.

I love my girlfriends and the power and hope and fun we can provide for each other.

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