Help wanted: Sorter/Folder

A trip to the laundromat? Today.  I did it today. Sometimes it’s a necessity. Either I have entirely too much laundry, not actually the case this time. Or it’s time to wash the comforters.

(yes, I’m blogging about laundry)

This particular laundramat is huge, clean and 10 minutes from my house.

Two rules:
• never go to this laundramat at night
• never go to this laundramat on the weekend, if you can help it

If you have to break these two rules, God help you. Does the phrase, “Oh the Humanity!” mean anything to you?

I think it’s some kind of franchise as the signage is great. It’s actually really awesome.

The coffee? Par for the course.

You know the lull between wash begin & end? Great time for reflection, doing that there Sudoku or just watching it all happen.

Or you could sink  your hard earned quarters into their games.

My mind always wanders back to college days when a bi-weekly laundry trip was a necessity.  And somewhat of a ritual.
My girlfriend, The Hammer, and I would saddle up in her huge red car. We’d storm the laundramat, filling 15 or 20 washers with all our disgusting college worn laundry. I hate to state the obvious here, but we needed barrels full of quarters.  As soon as the laundry was started, we’d dash off to the McDonald’s down the street.  Through the drive through for Dt. Cokes and Cheeseburgers.  And then back to start the drying/folding process.

We were a well oiled machine. The Hammer was better oiled than me.  I had to step up my folding efficiency just to hang with her. Thanks, Hammer for teaching me how to fold and sort laundry. Now if I can just find someone to actually put my laundry away.

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