My latest obsessions

I’ve added a few new blogs to my Google Reader and remain committed to keeping up with them.  I’ve paired down my blog reading significantly since starting a new job in an office that is not in my house.  Yes, I leave my house now!

I’m committed to building a new creative space for myself.  It’s going to be housed in the room that is currently my office.  I’m keeping an office area in the space but also adding tons of storage for art supplies and a counter where I can create and dream.  I’m really boosting the storage space by adding shelves in the closet and installing  kitchen grade cabinets and counters.

What’s the push for creative space?  I’m committed to creative journaling in 2011.  It’s something I started this year.  But I got stuck.  My office is in such a state that I’m stuck until I rearrange it.

Other crazy “ocd” things I’ve been doing?  I can’t let the notification numbers on my phone get much past 10 or 12 items.  I really wish I could also purge items from my in-boxes.  Maybe that’s a good task to tackle this month too.  Or maybe I’ll tackle it later.  I’m good at prioritizing and then procrastinating about everything not on the top of my list!

I’m also loving that Christmas this year won’t be as frantic as year’s past.  I’m sending out greeting cards.  I’m baking just a few items.  I’m decorating.  I’m buying very few gifts.  Pare down.  Simplify.

It’ll give me more time to obsess about my unread emails!

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2 Responses to My latest obsessions

  1. Mel says:

    Ooooh, new job?! I missed that message. 🙂 Congrats!

    I’m get so far behind on my Reader, that most weeks I have to click “Mark All As Read” just feel to feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

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