Run for Cover

I have weird, very vivid dreams.  Like the one where I packed my entire house into a rolling suitcase and got on a plane.  (insert sarcasm font)  I wonder what that one meant?

I used to have recurring dreams about tornadoes

I grew up in sort of a tornado alley in Ohio.  Nothing like living, say in Kansas, but an alley nonetheless.  We lived in a cute ranch style house that had no basement.  See where I’m going with this one?  Real tornadoes actually touched down within a mile of our home.

The best place we could hide from the storm was an interior room on the floor.  Or run, Dorothy style, to a neighbor’s home who had a basement.  Your choice.

As an adult I’d have The Tornado Dream.

In the dream I’d be at a family member’s home and I’d hear the sirens.  I’d have to collect my family and pets and head to the basement.  (at least in my dream there was a frickin’ basement!)  The stress in the dream started when I had to do the best for my family to cover them up and hide them in a nook or cranny in the basement.  My dream kind of had a “screen on screen” effect.  I would be in the basement but could somehow still see the funnel clouds as they approached.

I’d have The Tornado Dream whenever I was feeling extremely stressed or boxed into a corner. I’m happy to report that I haven’t had this kind of dream in about 5 years.

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