Good Start


Seems like a pretty cool set of numbers to me.  I’m going to groove on a post I read today by this cool blogger named Jason Mraz.  Yeah, that one.

He writes a cool blog in addition to being an international singer/songwriter type.  He wrote a post about Gratitude.  You’re supposed to take no more than 90 seconds and tell everyone (all 5 of you, hi Mom!) what you’re grateful for.

  • Being alive
  • Being able to see
  • Loving on my husband
  • My husband
  • Traveling to the known and the unknown
  • Beautiful food to eat
  • Fresh air to breathe
  • Water to drink
  • Water for swimming and cavorting
  • Singing
  • Songs to sing in the car
  • My friends, they are fabulous
  • My family
  • My silly little cat
  • Places to visit
  • Meditation
  • Soul Searching
  • Mother Earth
  • Love
  • Mischief
  • Reading stories
  • Making art
  • Being silly
  • Telling jokes
  • Ground Hog
  • My bestest friends
  • Convincing people
  • Doing good things for other people
  • Being nice
  • Being not nice sometimes, too
  • My brain
  • My heart
  • My intuition
  • Mystery
  • Reflection
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Magic
  • Higher Power
  • Love, Again, Love

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1 Response to Good Start

  1. Kewyson says:

    HP –

    Great start on the new year – lots of activity and I love the progression of the posts –

    I was also tramatized by tornados growing up – maybe it was Xenia that created the fear??? I remember our 2nd grade as being very active – we seemed to be constantly in the hallway, sitting ‘opposite’ – I never knew if it was better to have your back to the wall that was certainly going to collapse or have your feet against said wall – ready to run at a moments notice –

    Either way – as the youngest of 5 – I was forever ridiculed for my terror when the sirens went off –

    As for the list – I’m not that good under pressure – I tend to circle back to the obvious – but as a ‘window to the world’ type of guy – I’ll let you into the scene I just saw – one that encapsuled well, pretty much everything and also provided me a ‘tornado warning’ for the future –

    I’m enjoying my dinner, nice grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, some rice, and the girls (aged 6 & 9) – who I’m glad to say are showered, in jammies, homework done and Mommy is not yet home from work (8:15 pm) – note gloating by senstive, caring, accomplished dad – were looking for some water – they enter the kitchen – both jump up on the counter and open the cabinet – pulling out cups, and various other items –

    Then the tornado happens – the younger one (the one who gets into trouble) pulls out the vitamins – she asks if she can have one – yes I say – may I help – then she says – no – I can open these lids – just push down hard when you twist – and open seaseme – it is open – so now I have direct knowlede that they can readily open medicine jars –

    But – the main point is that it is all good – just have to adjust and grow with them –

    Have a great time at the Alpha burrow!

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