It’s still winter here but this week it seems like the weather is starting to break a bit.  It’s a good time to dream, scheme and do a little creating.  I have a feeling that life is starting to get back on track.  As in My Life.

Feeling much like I’m on the precipice of Spring, just like it happens every year.  I go to GroundHog Weekend and then everything just becomes a cascade of “Spring is Almost Here”

I have cracks in all of my fingertips.  They are all in a state of either becoming cracked or healing up nicely.  It’s just the cycle of winter.  My skin is dry and scaly,  my hair is dry and acts like cotton candy every 3rd or 4th day.

I go in fits of sleeping hard all night and hardly sleeping at all.  As my mood evens out, I expect I’ll sleep a little better.  I also expect my mood will be better I’ll be more motivated as I get better sleep.

Really it’s all a cycle.  Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall.  Sleep/Dream-Awaken-Play-Harvest. Dry/Cracked-Fresh Skin-Sun Burnished-Freckled.  If I try to go against the cycle or fight it, I just get frustrated.  Everything’s a phase moving on to the next.

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1 Response to Cycles

  1. angelia says:

    Thanks for the blogiversary wishes! Love your last post – it really IS all about cycles….. Hugs!

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