Go gently

Spring has finally sprung.  Finally.  The previous 30 straight days of rain don’t count as Spring.   That was good for the grass, gardens and such.  No….it’s Spring now.  The trees are a riot of crispy green, pink, white, purple and more green.

I feel like I’m waking up too.  It was a long winter filled with emotion, drama and wrenching sadness.  I lost my Grandmother in December and then my Grandfather in February.  Being the only close, able-bodied relative to either of them, I made all the decisions to arrange, move, clean and organize by myself.  Yes.  I said that.  All of it by myself.

Luckily I had a lot of support and physical assistance from my husband and my in-laws.  Priceless hours of work.  Hours away from home for all of them.  I am so grateful for their help.  I can’t put pretty words together to describe my gratitude.

I’m still kind of stunned that it happened all at once. I’m stunned that I was able to get everything done that needed to be done. I am sure as shit glad the decision making and physical part of it is done.

I’ve been careful with myself since then. I’ve read stacks of books.  I’ve watched about 45 movies.  I’ve taken a ton of naps.  DD and I have spent a lot of time together, too.  We’ve reinstated our “policy” of trying to get away a few days each month.  All of this has really helped me start to put it all back together.

Did I mention I napped a ton? Because I did.

I’m working on getting through boxes of “old people stuff” and boxes of my stuff.  This is in an effort to finally finish my office/creative space.  This is also to reclaim our garage.  It feels like I’ve sorted half the boxes…with this many left to sort.

I’m sorting boxes of antiques, photos, heirloom linens, vintage clothing, old books, quilts, jewelry making supplies, Lionel trains, sewing what-nots and kitchen-ware. There are also civil war re-enactment uniforms, colonial times docent costumes and a couple of groovy dresses from 1964.

So, my work continues but it’s with a lighter spirit.  There’s more motivation and joy.  There’s relief, too, because my tasks are almost done.  Welcome Spring.  It’s been a long, dark Winter.


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1 Response to Go gently

  1. Juan says:

    You slogged through the dark days w/ tremendous grace and good humor. We knew you were tough, but to ride out multiple traumas, each right on the heels of the last…just, wow.

    Glad you’re feeling the relief. And the joy. ‘Cheers’ to a great Spring!

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