Enjoy the Summer

I’ve been enjoying the summer.  It was rainy for so long that when the scorching heat finally arrived, I really embraced it.  By far, summer is my favorite season.  It must have to do with the seemingly never ending daylight and lovely long twilight.  It also suits my fiery personality.

If I handed this “theme” in to my 4th Grade Teacher she may have flunked me.  But, here it is anyway.  Here is what I’ve done so far this summer.


Gone camping in all the heat and intensity of a June weekend.

Gone to a fabulously touristy and somewhat seedy summer “destination”.

Refused to let the cat outside.  Too hot.

Mulched flower beds in 90 degree heat.

Hooked myself up with some “creative gardening”.

Sat on the front porch after midnight and looked at the moon.

Saw a ring of rainbows around the sun.

Started thinking about beach vacation 24/7.

Decided it was too hot for a nap in the hammock and slept inside instead.

Really, get out there and enjoy it!  Happy Summer!

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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