Going away on vacation for a weekend or an entire week is taxing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love to go away.  Getting ready to leave work and then getting ready to go is stressful.

Let me show you a chat conversation I just had with my girlfriend.

Me:  “So when do you go?”

Her:  “Friday at 6:30.”

Me:  “Your flight is a 6:30?”

Her:  “Yep”

Me:   “So, throw a sundress, shorts & jammies in a bag. Grab your charger and you’re ready to go”

Her:  “Hahahahahahaahhaaaaa!”

Me:   ” I know, you have to make sure there’s food for your pets, that your pet-sitting friend gets the key and the details, that the house is clean, that the laundry is done, that plants and flowers are watered, that you have sunscreen, shampoo, toothpaste because you just ran out, that you pick up the dry cleaning (your sundress is there) OH SHIT, I have to call in my prescription to Giant Eagle in time, I just ran out of that too.  Oh Shit, Oh shit, oh shit…..I gotta go!”

Her:  ” I KNOW!  What the hell?”

Me:  ” You know why we do all this stuff?  It’s because we have the purse.  Why do we have to have the purse?

Her  ” I know…Everyone laughs at my enormous bag & then hands me things to put in there

Her, again:   “Then they ask for a kleenex or some Motrin…..Why do I have to have the purse?”

Just for the record, my husband & I have been getting ready to go on vacation since June.  We’re leaving in August.  He is packing, in advance, shorts & shirts, swim trunks, the iPad, his phone and charger.  He is also putting together a cache of tools in case we need them.  There’s a trailer hitch involved with our drive, so don’t laugh about the tools.  We need them, we do.

But right now, I gotta go,  I am going to pack my stuff.   And then pack all the stuff that goes in my purse.

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