2 weeks

We just got back from the beach.  Our annual trip consists of nearly two weeks of lounging on the beach, lazing in the pool, eating fabulous home cooked food, reading piles of books and doing enormous puzzles.  And not much else.  About half-way through the first week I remarked to DD that I had already become so relaxed that my creativity had gone into hibernation.

Does that happen to you when you go on vacation and really shut down?

We’ve gone to the same place every summer for 5 years.  This was the year to do some real exploration.  I always have the urge to drive into the sunset.  In this case, I drove into the sunrise instead.  I took 2 trips south on the Outer Banks, each time going a wee bit farther.  I found a secret beach where there were only three other people, huge sand dunes, a few birds and tons of shells.  It was heaven.

Another thing about relaxing?  Forgetfulness.  When I left the house in the car I needed my car keys and my wallet.  Sometimes I’d get down to the car and have nothing with me.  How can you only need two things and forget them both?

Vacation mind.  That’s how.

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