I was gone on vacation for a while.  While there I unplugged as completely as I can.  I promised to login to work email one time each day for the first 4 days.  I checked twitter about 4 times.  I looked at facebook once.

I didn’t check in to Google Reader at all.  When I got back I had 567 items to read.  Wow.  How the heck do you work through that?


I read people that I truly adore and who post sparsely.  Uncle CrappyGoldie SaysDug and Fussy got the initial pass.  Then came Mel and Ange and Style Rookie.  I have a few people left…Fat CyclistBurghBabyJill that I know I’ll read.  I know I can run through these when I really want to spend some time, they’re great and they write a lot and they write often.

The other blogs on my Reader?  I’m just going to have to MAAR them so the 397 posts don’t make me crazy.

The rest of you not in my Reader?  I’ll get to you early next week.

I adore you all.

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  1. sugarmag says:

    I hate having to MAAR, but occasionally my reader gets over 1,000 and I go MAAR crazy. After the past time, I decided that the folks with tons of unread posts were obviously being left unread for a reason and I unsubscribed. Since then, I have kept my reader under control, which is awesome.

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