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Here we are at the “Official”  NaBloPoMo month.  I’m going to take a good run at it this year in an effort to rejuvenate my creative blogging juices.

It seems that the beginning of the month is always squashed with things to do.  Starting new things.  Finishing up things that might be a bit overdue.  Going places.

So this month I’m going for a long “girls weekend” to an event in Baltimore.  It requires two days of costumes.  I have the opportunity to see authors and artists and maybe take a few art or crafty classes.

I’ve been looking forward to this since May.  I’ve been scheming my costumes since sometime in July.  I’ve been buying small pieces of each costume since August.  Luckily, I have most of the large pieces in my closet, so I haven’t had to outlay a ton of cash.  The practical work of making the costumes started 2 weeks ago.

Have I mentioned that this event is this month?  Well, it is.  I leave this Thursday morning, to be exact.  So, there’s my first example….everything happens at the beginning of the month.  Or at least it seems to when I want to start on NaBloPoMo.

But I’m determined.  November is my month to finish some things and to start a whole batch of new things.  Wish me luck!

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