5. Funny thing

graphic is cheesy but it's all true...

When I got my new job a little over a year ago, I really needed a job.  I had been looking for a “real” job for over a year.  Several things about this job kind of strike me now.

I’m randomly changing my train of thought, stick with me here…

I looked for a job all of the traditional ways:  online listings, newspaper (!), newspaper want-ads online, “networking” with friends, part-time jobs, networking events, even temporary agencies.  Time spent searching and applying online was my main occupation.  And it resulted in exactly 1 phone interview and 2 face-to-face interviews.  No offers.

Like I said, I needed a job.  I made the intention that I would find a job and it would be the right one.  My intention was emphatic and timely.  I would have the right job by the end of August.

I sent out a personal email to my friends on LinkedIn.  My LinkedIn profile is nowhere complete.  As of today, it’s still not complete.  Nor is it really accurate.  But back to the topic…I asked if anyone knew of anyone who may be looking for a project manager, account manager or sales assistant.

Literally a “friend of a friend” introduced me to my current employer.  Another aside, I didn’t actually meet this “friend of a friend” until after I was hired and had been working for 6 weeks.

I spoke with the owner via phone several times.  I went to an interview.  I went to another interview where they said they’d send me a hard copy job offer.  I verbally accepted the position on the spot pending receiving their document.

The things that were completely different:

I intended to get the right job.

I had personal conversations with friends about what I wanted.

There was no formal job posted anywhere.

I never gave them my resume.  They never asked for one.

I had iron-clad, exceptional references from their industry.

And I got the job.

And it was the right one, just like I intended.  And I’m ever so grateful.

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