8. Different

Let me just start by saying that last year was hard. Physically hard. Emotionally hard. And it was weird. I lost 2 of 3 Grandparents in the space of 3 months.

Thing is, I’ve lost other close family members. I know how I grieve. I even generally know how long it “takes”. To grieve, that is. This was different.

I went underground. I meditated. I watched movies. I lost myself completely in books. I stopped calling people and hanging around. I went to work. I slept. I ate.

I slowed down so much that I was hardly moving. A turtle could have beat me in a race.

I craved the Spring. I wrote all about it too. Then again, I always crave Spring.

Spring came and went and we were launched into a hot, rainy Summer. I spent all Summer in a bit of a socializing frenzy. I also spent all Summer waiting to go the beach on vacation. What was weird is that I was going through the motions. I enjoyed the fun things but there was always a bit of melancholy thrown in.

So, I’m mostly over that slow, sad time. I’m a different person from all my recent experiences. And different in a good way. Lets see how it all unfolds, shall we?

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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