13. Keller

We saw Keller Williams for the first time in the Summer.  It was the last day of a fabulous vacation.  After the show we left for home.  But that’s another story that I’ll save for later.

DD was interested in seeing Keller again.  Which is pretty exciting, because he generally does not like “hippie music”.  Tickets were purchased and we included Uncle and Mrs. crappy. Yay!  A hippie show with my favorite hippies, the Crappies.

When we bought the tickets, it seemed like concert weekend was far, far off.

Life is a little like a roll of paper towels.  The farther you get into the roll, the faster the rolls ends.  Just kind of like the cramming millions of things into the end of the year. (I’m not sure that even makes sense, but run with me on this one, here)

We went to the show.  We were one of the first groups there and had our choice of places to camp out.  The Beachland Ballroom is a smaller venue and pretty much everyone can see and be relatively close to the stage.

He played some of his popular songs but played some I’ve never heard.  He played a cover of a Bon Jovi song and forgot the words half way through.  Priceless.  He played “Boob Job” which I’d never heard, but knew all about.  (the song, not an actaul boob job.  Perverts.)  He played “Freakshow” which is a favorite and segued into “Fire on the Mountain”.

I think it peaked right there for me.

I danced my ass off.  I was with DD and dearest friends.  What’s not to like?



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