17. Still Kind of Anonymous


I started this blog in 2005 on blogger.com.  As I’ve said before, I was inspired in part, well, in large part by @unclecrappy.  I love to read what he writes.

I think I posted for a good long while before I told anyone I was blogging.  I sent a tipsy email late one night and told 4 or 5 people about my blog.  And then I put my head in the sand for a while.  I wanted people to read my stuff (maybe) but I wasn’t sure if I wanted any feedback.

I also had to be anonymous.  Mostly because of work.  I worked for an internet advertising company at the time.  They just loved, loved, loved to get on mySpace (hey, it was 2005) page if they needed some of my photos.  They’d go there, grab photos and not even tell me they were doing it.  My head shots would show up on corporate marketing pieces…and I didn’t know about it until I got my allotted stack from the UPS guy.  Jackasses.

I had to blog in “secret” mainly so they didn’t get all up in my business.  It’s not like I was dooce or anything.  I wasn’t writing funny tell-alls about people at work.  At least not all the time.  But I really didn’t feel like taking the risk of blogging publicly.

I did not want to have that conversation with my boss or the hr department about a snarky remark I made about the “Office Space-ness” of our workplace.  (And yes, I still have a red stapler on my desk.)

Well, I know most of my readers in real life.  (Hi Juan!  Hi Aunt Mary!) And I don’t mind sharing my stories.  But….there’s still no link to my actual name on either this blog or twitter.  I save that type of stuff for LinkedIn, my company facebook page and my professional twitter handle.

Thanks, sincerely, for checking in with me from time to time.  Whether I know you in real life, or not.


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