21. This.

This is what’s happening because I’m making myself write a little bit every day.  I’m feeling more creative.  Doing more creative things.  And I’m feeling a little more bright and optimistic than I normally feel at this time of year.

So, there’s that.  I’m happy.  I’m having fun.  And I’m being super creative.

As an aside, I’ve cleaned some of those muddled, forgotten spaces.  This too, might be helping me loosen up.  I’ve even cleaned spaces I use all the time.  Namely my clothes closet, my bathroom cabinets and the spare bedroom.  Yep.  Those most used, ridiculously serpentine places I use every day.  They are freakin’ clean. And a lot less serpentine.  A little more “Straight”.

Next on the hit list is:

  • the kitchen
  • my desk
  • my mail pile in the kitchen (!! @drunkdude69 )
  • the garage

I better go get on the garage now…it’s gonna get cold soon.


About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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