22. It Turns

I’ve been enjoying our unseasonably incredible Fall weather.  I’ve kind of had a little love affair with Fall this year.  In Cleveland, it’s usually 90 degrees, then 50 degrees for 3 weeks and then it’s Winter.  Not this year.  It’s been pretty cold a few nights, we had one good hard frost.  We had a morning where there was slush, SLUSH, on our cars.  And I threatened to UNFOLLOW Winter.  But all of that unpleasantness really distilled down to about 4 days.  All the others?  Glorious.

But Fall has been marching on, it’s dark now at 6 p.m.  Completely dark.  My precious snap dragon-sezzes are gasping their last chilly, snargled breath.  But they’re holding on to the last few dramatic buds.

The sedum (is that what these are?) are in their glory.  They’re a beautiful color of dusty pink in August and turn this lovely rusty color.  Excellent.  I’ll leave these all winter.  So I can look out the kitchen window and imagine when the backyard was a riot of color.

Sweet mischievous Kokopelli rules the back yard.  There’s plenty of choas here, all year round.  He gets to go inside for the Winter though.  I don’t want him to get too rusty and retire at a premature age.  But he’ll be back in the spring around when the tulips come to visit.

And the hydrangea.  I think this could possibly be my favorite.  Don’t tell anyone else in the yard though.  Grandma gave me this.  She dug it out of her garden, so that was kind of back in the day.  I put it in and it has absolutely gone crazy since.  It’s in a terrible spot, right next to the drive way, right where we pile the snow.  Right where my car hits it every time I leave the drive.  And it thrives.

So, Fall, keep quietly slipping away.  The chair is empty.  All the potted “friends” that surrounded you are asleep in the veggie garden.  The one huge pot of pretties you held is in the compost.  Don’t worry, they’ll all be back next year.  Right after the tulips bloom.

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