27. Quick Story (alt. title: True Story)

Well it’s kinda like magic sometimes. (And like magic, it’s hard to prove anything. Here I am. Hi! I’m not taking enough pictures.)


At work, we decided to have our first annual “Appreciation Open House”. I’m sorry if you missed it because it was awesome! The company for whom I work has been in business for 13 years. Both of the owners have been in this industry for 30 to 40 years. Everyone in our small, big city, who is in construction, knows them.

And they’ve never had a luncheon, an open house or other social event in….well, 13 years. So, it was our job to fix that.

(Why the hell am I telling you about work, with the anonymity thing, and all? Well, it’s because I throw a kick ass party.)

The rundown:

Pick either lunch from 11-2 or dinner from 4-7. Yummy delicious caterer, Bucci’s, set us up….gourmet sandwiches & salad, antipasto counter, cookie/pastry counter, wedding soup. Dinner was prime rib, stir fry station, pasta station, antipasto station (again) & salad station.

Invite 375 of your closest friends and customers. Add wine to dinner. And a $500 cash drawing. And 200 of your closest friends and customers show up.

Nicely done.

This was 2 weeks ago and we just threw away the last of the flower arrangements and ate the last of the food. We had fun, our customers had fun and….

it was a huge success!


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