28. 24 or maybe a few less


This is one of the first things I actually see, really see in the morning. Before that it’s just a jumbled blur of instinctual motions, emotions & desires.


DD does all of the chores shown above. The cat loves him more because he is the food giver, generally.


I’ve survived a shower, a desperate wrangle with a laundry basket or a grievous clothing crisis. I’ve been fed, watered, vitaminned ( that’s a word, right?) and shooed out the door. I still may not know what day it is but I’m on my way with lunch and my “business lady purse”.


The crossing guard is here, usually. Sometimes, if I’m in the cute car she even waves at me.


Yeah, that’s a zombie finger puppet.


OK. I’m here. Now what? Turn on the heat or a/c, then get some more java.


Hi Keurig. I ❤ you!

There was nearly a revolt when the Keurig died.


Wow. Does my hair look as screwed up as I think it does? No? OK, I think I’m good.


24 hours, or less continues tomorrow. Or is that today?

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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