30. 2nd half


So, yeah. I’m still in the ladies restroom at work. (I know, I know. Weird, huh?)  This is an interior door in the restroom. The knob doesn’t work. And if it did, it would open to nowhere. The room that’s adjacent, well, it’s just drywall covering up any hint of a door on the other side. I laugh every time I’m in here because of the stupid door to nowhere that has “ladies” scrawled on it.


Wow, that was abrupt. All if a sudden it’s the end of the day, it’s raining and I’m on my way home. I’m happy with my commute. It’s 5 miles. All city driving. Easy-Peasy.


DD at the stove again. He’s making delicious Wedding Soup.


Here’s my #1 favorite hobby.  (other than twitter, of course.)   I like to make jewelry.  At the kitchen table. During meals.

So there.


Remnants of my amazing hydrangeas. Drying so I can keep the loveliness all winter.


Anal retentive, very selective  kitchen organization. Selective in that You.  Are. Not. Allowed. To. Look. In. My. Pantry.


Good night!

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